Donald Hays

Updated Bubble Factory for Game Boy

April 22, 2021

Similar to my previous update to Snake, I have updated Bubble Factory for Game Boy to version 1.1. This update fixes the same issue, where some emulators and flash carts wouldn’t save high scores correctly, because the game was configured as a non-standard cartridge type.

Also, like with Snake, I took the opportunity to refine the build process to be somewhat more standard. Building the game now expects SDCC to be in your PATH, instead of requiring you to place a copy of it in a specific location relative to the project directory.

Finally, there was a best-practice change, where I now wipe sprite object attribute memory before enabling sprites for the first time. Failing to do so can result in an issue where corrupted, random sprites appear on screen. I’ve never noticed this issue actually manifest in this game, but it was trivial to do the right thing, so I did.