Donald Hays

Bubble Factory

You have found your way into a factory. The factory makes bubbles! Naturally, you must pop all the bubbles. But don't let the guards catch you!

How to Play

Play online or download the ROM, or you can check out the source. If you choose to download it, you’ll need a Game Boy emulator to play on a computer, or a flash cartridge to play on Game Boy hardware.


Bubbles move their way down the belts. Don't let them reach the machine at the end of their row! Pop them by pressing A when you're near them.

Gain points by popping bubbles. The game will become harder as you gain more points. If a bubble reaches the end of its row, or a guard catches you, you'll gain a miss. Miss three times and it's game over!

Sometimes you'll see cash on the ground or a heart moving across the screen. Gather the cash for points, or the heart to remove a miss!

There are two modes: normal and hard. Each has its own high score. You'll earn a star for every 200 points in your high scores, up to five stars in each mode. Try to earn all ten stars!