You are a security guard who must save the research facility you've been assigned to from an alien invasion. To do this, you'll have to explore the world, collect items, defeat enemies, talk to people, and solve puzzles.

The game is played from the first-person perspective. In other words, what you see on the screen is what your character sees. Movement occurs relative to the direction that your character is facing. Tapping forward, for example, will move him one square forward in the direction that he's facing.

There is no shortage of enemies in the game, and you'll have to defeat them to advance. You can attack an enemy directly in front of you by tapping the Action Button. You will attack the enemy, then it will attack you, and then you can decide what to do next. If you do enough damage to an enemy to defeat it, you will gain some gold and experience. Gold can be used to purchase items, and experience accumulates until you gain a level, which will make your character stronger.

Throughout the game you'll find various items laying around. Pick them up with your Action Button. Medkits must be used (tapped on) from the Items menu to have any effect on you. Weapons and armor must be equipped (again, tapped on) from their respective submenus in the Items menu before they'll do you any good. You can only have one weapon and one kind of armor equipped at once, so don't think that buying ten pistols will make you ten times more powerful than with one pistol.

If you need a break from the game, you can save your progress from the main menu. After saving you can leave the page or even exit Safari, and the game will be ready when you return. Just choose Load Game from the title screen to resume playing.

Important note: as unfortunate as it is, Mobile Safari is prone to random crashing. There doesn't seem to be much that can be done to prevent it, so it is advised that you save often.


A. The Compass indicates which way your character is facing.
B. The Direction Pad controls movement and turning. Tapping up or down will move your character one square in the indicated direction. Tapping left or right will turn your character by ninety degrees.
C. The Action Button causes your character to interact with anything that is directly in front of him. Use this button to open doors, talk to people, attack enemies, use interactive terminals on walls, and pick up items. Tapping the "screen" area will do the same thing that tapping the Action Button would.
D. The Menu Button brings up the game's menu, where you can use items, equip weapons and armor, view your status, and save the game.
E. The Mini Map is a representation of the current level. As you explore the level, the Mini Map will show the parts of the level that you've seen. White dots are walls, blue dots are doors, purple dots are doors that will take you to another level, red dots are nearby enemies, and the yellow dot is you.